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Brambles is a brill vet surgery…I used to be with another vet but changed vets when I saw how considerate brambles were to my overly timid peressa who because of his size people are normally scared of he had an operation and the vet lifted him very gently into the back of the car for me bless him…I now use brambles for my 4 dogs and 3 cats the staff are brill and really understand our beloved pets. Mrs J

Important new research regarding RAW food

Whilst we appreciate there are a lot of very healthy dogs fed a raw diet, it has always felt a little bit like Russian roulette to us when it comes to the harmful bacteria that a lot of raw food contains (both human and pet food). These bacteria are killed by cooking but when fed raw can cause serious disease that can be transferred to humans. We had one raw fed dog hospitalised last year with E coli that needed two days of round the clock nursing, aggressive antibiotics and two drips and only just pulled through.
We don’t dictate what you should feed your dog or make judgements but it is important that you are aware of the risks involved, many of which get swept under the carpet by raw food advocates and suppliers.

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