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Brambles is a brill vet surgery…I used to be with another vet but changed vets when I saw how considerate brambles were to my overly timid peressa who because of his size people are normally scared of he had an operation and the vet lifted him very gently into the back of the car for me bless him…I now use brambles for my 4 dogs and 3 cats the staff are brill and really understand our beloved pets. Mrs J

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine now available


We are glad to announce our new alternative therapies available at the surgery. Bel Beneytez, one of our vets, has studied extensively and has experience of using therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs either alongside or in place of traditional medicine in dogs, cats and rabbits. Many pets have already benefited from this approach.

If this is something that interests you please speak to Bel and see if she can help

For more information about acupuncture visit our pet information page:


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