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Friendly and compassionate. Puppy party was good.. Great advice (free too). C B, Gloucester

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Welcome to our online registration and booking. If you have any problems, cannot find a suitable appointment or have an emergency please  telephone the surgery on 01452 712194 and we will be able to assist you.


REGISTERED CLIENTS – follow the links below to gain access to your information and book an appointment. If you have not used the online booking system before you will need to create an account login. (To view any reminders you may have missed click ‘List All’ in the Upcoming Reminders section)

NEW CLIENTS – follow the link below. If you only want to register your pets and do not need an appointment please select the Churchdown Surgery and the appointment reason of Client Registration – no appointment required and choose the first available slot – you do not need to attend the surgery to register, we will delete the appointment ourselves. If you would like an appointment then please select the surgery and time you require.


If you have any queries please call us on 01452 712194.

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