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We just wanted to thank all the team who helped treat Jess and helped us give her the best possible care over the last few months and for the professional and compassionate manner in which you helped us. Mr & Mrs F. Gloucester


Make your dog’s spay safer and more comfortable Keyhole spaying allows direct visualisation of your dogs ovaries and uterus in their natural position and so avoids the need to stretch the ovaries' attachments to be able to clamp and tie off the blood vessels. This is a less painful and safer way of neutering your dog. For more information vivit our Pet Information…..
Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine now available   We are glad to announce our new alternative therapies available at the surgery. Bel Beneytez, one of our vets, has studied extensively and has experience of using therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs either alongside or in place of traditional medicine in dogs, cats and rabbits. Many pets have already benefited from this…..
Alabama Rot There has been much in the news and social media about this disease, much of which is very concerning. It is important to remember that this is still a very, very rare disease. For more information read our information sheet:
Pet Healthcare plans We are pleased to be launching our new Pet Healthcare plans. This provides all you need to keep your pet healthy by a simple monthly direct debit. It includes routine flea and worm treatments, standard vaccinations, 6 month healthcheck and an annual urine test. All this is provided as part of the scheme plus there…..
Great news for your carnivore! We have been stocking HPM food for quite a while now and it is proving very popular. The difference to many other foods is its lower carbohydrate content, making it closer to a naturally balance diet for your dog and cat. This should lead to less problems such as obesity and diabetes. Along with being…..
Great news for Rabbit owners There is now a single injection that covers rabbits against both myxomatosis and VHD. The injection   also lasts a full twelve months for both diseases. Not only does this mean less visits for your rabbit but it is also nearly £ 15 cheaper. (£38.22 instead of £52.55)  ..
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