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We would like to thank you for everything you have done for Baz. We feel so grateful to know that he was being cared for so well and take a lot of comfort knowing how much you all thought of him. Mr & Mrs L. Churchdown


We understand the anxieties involved when you have to leave your pet with us whether for medical treatment or anaesthesia and take every care that their stay is afe and stress free. We use very safe modern anaesthetics that are the same as are used routinely in human medicine, this is backed up by an experienced team of veterinary nurses that are able to provide your pet with individual attention during its stay with us. (See ‘Anaesthesia and your pet’ in the reference section)

The practice is equipped with a large range of diagnostic equipment:

XRAY MACHINE – High frequency xray machine allows high quality, consistent radiographs(xrays) to aid quick and accurate diagnosis of orthopaedic and soft tissue problems. Digital processing allows accurate assessment and sharing with specialist colleagues if required

LAPAROSCOPY – digital equipment for performing keyhole surgery (spaying, retained testicles, liver biopsy etc)

ULTRASOUND MACHINE – multi-frequency colour doppler ultrasound machine enables improved diagnosis for a variety of conditions from heart disease, abdominal tumours to pregnacy diagnosis

LABORATORY EQUIPMENT – extensive in-house laboratory equipment allows fast and accurate

results. The majority of tests we undertake can be processed in our own laboratory allowing

us to start treatment much earlier.

ECG – 6-lead ECG enables accurate assessment of electrical disturbances of the heart to be

accurately assessed.

FULL SURGICAL FACILITIES – extensive surgical equipment that allows us to undertake a large range of surgical procedures within the practice

Coupled with the experience of our vets we are able to provide your pet with the best possible treatment as quickly as possible.

One of our major focuses at the practice is preventive healthcare for your pet. There have been many advances in this area which are ensuring that pets are living much longer and healthier lives. The process begins in the first few months of life and continues all the way through into the later years. The preventive healthcare approach at the practice is an ongoing process involving all members of the practice team. It is structured around annual health-checks (usually at the same time as the annual vaccination) and free nurse clinics as appropriate. We appreciate that the full extent of the preventive healthcare scheme is not to everyone’s choice. We offer the best advice we can at each stage of your pets life to allow you to make your own, informed decision about their care. We understand that many people will have there own views and opinions and are free to make their own decisions but believe that we should let everyone know what we consider to be the best options so that an informed decision can be made.

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